Zen Gardens

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Conscious Consulting for Stakeholders, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals

We offer unique Conscious Business Consulting that is unlike anything else in mainstream business consulting. We focus on specialized projects that have only one purpose: To help entrepreneurs and established businesses realize success.

We are seasoned leaders and operators with strategic foresight who will help you achieve and exceed your goals. We use a sleeves-up approach and have a proven track record across industries: consumer goods and service industries, Start-Ups, retail, equity markets, cross-boarder markets, R&D, intellectual property, technology, software, apparel, footwear and manufacturing industries.  

We specialize in the following areas: 

  • Strategy, Sales and Marketing
  • Creative Visions and Operations
  • International Biz Dev
  • Board and Executive Development

Learn more– Schedule an Initial ConsultationI have assisted CEOs, executive teams, artists, designers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, students, teachers and creative teams in removing obstacles so they were able to create their visions with clarity and success. I help clients look within themselves and their personal and professional environments to clear the obstacles that are blocking their success.

Additional areas of Services:

Board and Executive Development

  • Board Leadership and Development 
  • Interim CEO, General Counsel and Executive Transitions 
  • Fundraising (Public & Private) 
  • Turning the lights on a Start-Up 
  • Global Expansion (multi-cultural negotiations and biz dev) 
  • Business Repositioning (Pubic Offering, M&A, Licensing, JV, Re-sizing) 
  • Private CEO Training

Sales and Marketing

  • ‚ÄčBusiness and Sales Strategy 
  • Marketing & Brand Positioning 
  • Proof of Concept/Prototype to Market 
  • IP Innovation, Strategy and Deployment 
  • Revenue Realization Sustaining Creative Vision and Culture 
  • Customer Acquisition Consumer Development and Support


  • Operations and Business Processes 
  • Talent Development and Team Building 
  • Conscious Leadership Training 
  • Human Resources Regulatory and Government Affairs 
  • Social Responsibility & Environmental Sustainability 
  • Finance & Risk Management 
  • Legal Positioning (mediation/litigation/risk assessments/resources) 
  • Establishing Efficient Legal Department 

I tailor my consultations specifically to the client’s needs and desired outcomes. Clients appreciate success in the following:

  • Avoid pitfalls and save time, money and energy by better understanding the core issues impacting the relationships, tactics and strategies at play
  • Increase Revenue by determining the success of a potential business deal, mediation, legal matter, negotiation, acquisition, team dynamic, new hire and strategic plan
  • Reach the desired outcome before any confrontation or tense negotiation
  • Navigate successfully through complex negotiations
  • Increase Profit and Success by removing unhealthy patterns and obstacles surrounding business objectives 
  • Increase Success by using techniques to successfully manifest your desired outcomes

For any inquiries and consultations, please contact me for more information or Schedule an Initial Consultation for powerful insights.

All consultations are held in strict confidence with high professional standards, and after a client conflict search is performed.

(Please note that the information provided in this site and during any consultation or services is not legal advice. Our focus is in providing Strategic Business and Conscious Consulting (not legal guidance). Zen Gardens Consulting LLC is not a law firm and is not a substitute for a practicing attorney or law firm.)