Zen Gardens

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Conscious Consulting for Stakeholders, Business & Legal Professionals

I offer unique Conscious Business Consulting that is unlike anything else in mainstream business consulting. My practice combines business and a conscious approach (awareness of how we all interplay with our environment) dedicated to helping people find the wisdom to create balance and prosperity in all areas of their lives. I am a business strategist and innovation catalyst who provides strategic guidance for stakeholders, executive teams, entrepreneurs, CEOs, attorneys and companies to achieve the desired success. I utilize 17 years as an attorney and business executive to provide guidance through business objectives and legal proceedings. I have cultivated a unique and practical approach for today's fast paced business and legal worlds that helps you tap into your own strengths to create the success and outcome you desire. Some clients obtain my services when conventional business approaches are unsuccessful and they are willing to explore a more powerful cost effective approach to create success, increase revenue and reach their objectives. Those that seek my strategic consulting services beforehand often experience even more success and profitability. Learn moreSchedule an Initial Consultation. All consultations are held in strict confidentiality. We provide business and coaching services and do not offer legal services, but we can refer you to an attorney or law firm.

I tailor my consultations specifically to the client’s needs and desired outcomes. The services I offer include:

  • Avoid pitfalls and save time, money and energy by better understanding the core issues impacting the relationships, tactics and strategies at play
  • Increase Revenue by determining the success of a potential business deal, law suit, mediation, legal matter, negotiation, acquisition, team dynamic, new hire and strategic plan
  • Reach the desired outcome before any confrontation, tense negotiation or legal proceedings
  • Navigate successfully through complex negotiations, business deals or legal matters and proceedings 
  • Increase Profit and Success by removing unhealthy patterns and obstacles surrounding business objectives or legal matters 
  • Increase Success by using techniques to successfully manifest your desired outcomes

Some of the most common areas for Conscious Business Consulting include:

  • Mediation
  • Business Development & Strategy; Entrepreneur Opportunities
  • Legal proceedings, including Divorce, litigation and Class Action suits
  • Mergers & Acquisitions; Dissolutions 
  • IPO, Securities Offering and matters with the SEC 
  • Real Estate Transactions 
  • Intellectual Property matters and Enforcement 
  • Audits, Enforcement Actions, Government Subpoena and Investigations
  • Contract Negotiations; New Hires 
  • Marketing, Branding, Sales, Distribution and Strategic Initiatives
  • Coaching & Mentoring; Business Leadership Consulting
  • Office, Personal and Family matters affecting their success 

I have assisted CEOs, executive teams, artists, designers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, students, teachers and creative teams in removing obstacles so they were able to create their visions with clarity and success. I help clients look within themselves and their personal and professional environments to clear the obstacles that are blocking their success.

For any inquiries and consultations, please contact me for more information or Schedule an Initial Consultation for powerful insights.

My practice combines business and a conscious approach dedicated to helping people find the wisdom to create balance and prosperity in all areas of their lives so they can become physically, emotionally, intellectually and consciously integrated people. When we focus and cultivate these aspects of ourselves, our relationships with family and coworkers begin to flourish, our businesses become more prosperous, pitfalls are avoided, and we begin to lead happier and healthier lives.

My professional experience includes seven years with Patagonia as VP of Operations and General Counsel, Counsel with Burton Snowboards, Attorney for the global law firm Blank Rome, and positions with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and New York Stock Exchange. I have transformed 17 years of working as a business executive and attorney into providing Conscious Business Consultations, which utilize my unique techniques to guide people to find their own wisdom to create balance, good health and prosperity in all areas of their lives.

With the understanding and practical knowledge of global corporations, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and the government sector, I offer a unique blend of business consulting integrated with insights that help discover the core of any obstacles that are interfering with your prosperity, balance and harmony. Through a consultation you will begin to stand firmly in your self-mastery, develop better work-life balance, and better balance your needs, the needs of your business and all interested parties that will result in sustainable long-term success.

I welcome you to explore this and look forward to being of service.  

All consultations are held in strict confidence with high professional standards, and after a client conflict search is performed.

For any inquiries and consultations, please contact me for more information. For more information on my background, please see about section.

(Please note that the information provided in this site and during any consultation or services is not legal advice. Our focus is in providing Conscious Consultations for Business. Zen Gardens Consulting LLC is not a law firm and is not a substitute for a practicing attorney or law firm.)