Zen Gardens

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Conscious Consulting for Business & Legal Professionals 

I offer a unique Conscious Business Consultation that is unlike anything else in mainstream business consulting. I am a business strategist and innovation catalyst who provides strategic guidance for stakeholders, executive teams, entrepreneurs, CEOs, attorneys and companies to achieve the desired success. I combine 17 years as an attorney and business executive with my unique practical approach to provide guidance through business deals, lawsuits, legal matters, negotiations, acquisitions, team dynamics, new hires and strategic plans to facilitate the desired outcome. Some clients obtain my services when conventional business approaches are unsuccessful and they are willing to explore a more cost effective approach to have success, increase revenue and reach their objectives. Those that seek my strategic consulting services beforehand often experience even more success and profitability. Contact us for an Initial Consultation.

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Personal Growth & Development Consultations

The Consultations incorporate practical guidance and are specifically tailored to each client. I am dedicated to helping people find the wisdom to discover their life's purpose and to create balance, peace, good health and prosperity in all areas of their lives. The journey of personal awareness is a profound experience and I will guide you on the incredible journey.  Contact us for an Initial Consultation.

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Programs for Personal Growth & Development

I offer a variety of Programs ranging from meditation to cultivating conscious awareness in all areas of your professional and personal life. All Programs are custom tailored for the client. Popular Programs include – Manifesting Desired Outcomes; Developing a Daily Practice; and Manifesting Prosperity & Healthy Relationships.  Contact us for an Initial Consultation.

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